Can I change my Benefit Option?

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At the beginning of every financial year and in conjunction with the annual monthly contribution increases, existing members are afforded the opportunity to change from one benefit option to another, based on their need. Benefit option changes are normally accommodated up to the end of January.


Under normal circumstances members will not be allowed to buy-up or buy-down from one benefit option to another during the course of a benefit year. In the case of a member requiring a mid-year upgrade, a request should be addressed in writing to the Board of Trustees for consideration. In the event of the Board of Trustees approving such a request, the change will be made, backdated to 1 January with additional payments being requested to cover the difference in monthly contributions.


Therefore, members need to ensure that they are adequately insured for any potential major medical expenses.


The following procedure will apply when changing from one benefit option to another:

  • An application for change of benefit option form must be filled out and sent via fax +264 230 465 or emailed to, please contact NHP, tel +264 61 285 5400 or download the form from
  • A new membership card will be issued with the membership number remaining the same
  • The new benefit option will be indicated as selected
  • The personal details and beneficiary details will remain the same unless instructed to effect changes

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