Claims / Reimbursement / Reports

Below is a list of documents available under: Claims / Reimbursement / Reports. To download a document simply click on the Document name.

Accident / Injury Report

Click on the link below to download the complete Accident/Injury report application form. This application form allows you to explain the accident and injury to NHP.

Download: Accident / Injury Report (Size: 49 KB)

Oncology Motivation Form

Application for oncology treatment

Download: Oncology Motivation Form (Size: 91 KB)

Roll-Over Benefit Claim

In line with NHP’s culture of innovation to our members we are pleased to inform you that those members with an accumulated Roll-Over balance will as from 1 September 2014 be able to make use of an automated function for payment of claim co-payments.

Download: Roll-Over Benefit Claim (Size: 64 KB)

Roll-Over Benefit Claim Instruction

Click on the link below to download the NHP Roll-Over benefit claim instructions form.

Download: Roll-Over Benefit Claim Instruction (Size: 48 KB)

Undertaking to Reimburse NHP

Click on the link below to download the NHP Reimbursement form.

Download: Undertaking to Reimburse NHP (Size: 44 KB)
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