Employer Group Contribution Calculator

How does it work?

The Employer Group Contribution Calculator allows employers to calculate the monthly contributions for each individual member and the percentage contribution made. Employer groups are only allowed for 10 or more employees or if the company is a registered member from one of the Umbrella group partners.

To start the calculations, kindly complete the form to the right – it is very important to provide accurate information as this information will be used when doing the calculations.

The employer group contribution calculator only allows calculations for up to 50 members; if you wish to add more than 50 employees NHP recommends that you contact a NHP representative for further assistance.

Once the form to the right has been completed, you will be required to provide the following information for each individual employee:
  • Age of employee;
  • Will a spouse be added to the membership;
  • Will a dependant be added to the membership.

Once this information has been completed the monthly contribution amounts per member per option will be displayed as well as the total company contribution if applicable.

Step 1: Company Information

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No. of Employees you wish to add to the Medical Aid?

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