Individual Contribution Calculator

How does it work?

The Individual Contribution Calculator allows individual members to calculate what their total monthly contributions will be if they choose to join NHP, or move from one option to another.

You are required to provide the following information:
  • Age of principal member,
  • age of spouse/partner (if applicable),
  • and number of child dependants (if applicable).
Once you’ve entered all relevant information - click on the "Calculate my Contributions" button.

The tool will calculate your estimated monthly contribution for each available option; these calculations are made on the highest age entered.

Special dependants and adults require specialised authorisation and therefore is excluded for the purpose of this online interactive suggestion tool, read more about special dependants in our FAQ section or contact NHP via the online contact form.

The results displayed are estimated, NHP cannot be held responsible for any decisions made based on the suggestions received as a result of participation in the interactive contribution calculator.

All decisions with regards to membership are voluntary and based on freedom of choice.

Step 1: Who will be added to your medical aid?

Age of Principal Member:

Age of spouse: (maximum age of 21 years if the child is not engaged in pre-graduated studies and a maximum age of 25 years if the child is attending a registered tertiary institution)

No. of dependants:

Calculation Year:
Select the year that calculations should be based on.

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