Litunga [2018]

Contributions start from
N$ 226.00
for an individual principal member

The Litunga benefit option provides affordable primary healthcare. This benefit options focus on providing treatment and services falling within the scope and context of primary healthcare.

If you are a member on the Litunga benefit option, you have direct access to a network of contracted general practitioners and registered nurses. To ensure the quality of care provided, the Fund assumes direct responsibility for the network. The benefit options provide unlimited cover for day-to-day primary care services as long as you use the designated service provider facilities.

Litunga benefit is not pro-rated with the exception of the optical and dental benefits where sub-limits are applicable.

Please note: If you are currently a member on any of the other NHP benefit options and are not used to primary healthcare, we strongly recommend that you do not “buy down” to the Litunga benefit option as your choice of general practitioner, nurse and healthcare facilities are restricted.


  • Legend:
    • SPA = Subject to prior approval
    • DSP = Designated service provider
    • OAL = Overall annual limit
  • Travel assistance for specialist visits in Namibia only - Blue Diamond only.
  • International Travel benefit.
  • Immunisations are only available from designated service providers, subject to the formulary.
  • Members do not qualify for the Lifestyle Programme.
  • No Roll-Over benefit.
  • No Preventative Care benefit including Cervarix.

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