Silver [2017]

Contributions start from
N$ 1,807.00
for an individual principal member

The Silver benefit option offers reasonably priced, yet comprehensive benefits for both major and pooled day-to-day medical expenses. The Silver benefit option offers an annual monetary amount allowing members to choose how to allocate these funds for day-to-day expenses. This benefit option is best suited to members whose health risk can be described as low.

Please note: All services are paid at 100% of the NAMAF benchmark tariff, unless indicated to the contrary.

Roll-Over Benefit

For diligent management of your healthcare expenditure:
PrincipalN$ 3,070.00
Adult/Special dependantN$ 635.00
ChildN$ 635.00

Example Roll-over Benefit:
(Principal member + spouse + two children) = N$4,975 per year


  • Flu vaccines are covered as part of the Preventative Care benefit.
  • Vitamins under specific conditions to be authorised from the Chronic benefit.
  • Limited benefit for vitamins available under 2.1.4. above, without a prescription.
  • NHP pays for contraceptives (oral and injections) limited to N$195 per claim.
  • Sunblock may be purchased at pharmacies under the Self-medication benefit.
  • Pre-authorised travelling costs for specialist referrals in Namibia partly covered if residing more than 150km from Windhoek - No accommodation costs are covered.
  • No basic dentistry will be covered under the oral surgery benefit.
  • All benefits are subject to availability of pooled day-to-day benefits.

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