I need specific treatment that is not available in Namibia; does NHP cover my accommodation expenses in this case? view answer
Additional in-hospital coverview answer
Can I belong to more than one Medical Aid Fund? (Dual membership)view answer
Can I change my Benefit Option?view answer
Can I register an adult as a dependant?view answer
Can my exclusions be waived?view answer
Dentistry in-hospital view answer
Do I need Pre-authorisation for treatment in hospital?view answer
Fraud and abuse against the Fundview answer
How are benefits allocated? view answer
How do I apply for NHP membership?view answer
How do I know if my membership application has been accepted?view answer
How do I know what the Rules of the Fund are, and understand what my benefits are?view answer
How do I pay my monthly contributions?view answer
How do I register a child as a dependant?view answer
How do I use my accumulated Roll-Over Benefit to claim?view answer
How do the contribution tables relate to value for money?view answer
How is the Nexus Administration System useful to me?view answer
How is the Preventative care benefit useful to me?view answer
I don’t live in Windhoek, but I need to visit a specialist there for treatment – can I claim accommodation expenses at an establishment other than a recognised hospital/medical institution?view answer
I need an ambulance; can I use any Emergency evacuation service?view answer
If any of my contact or account details change, how do I notify NHP?view answer
If I am on the Blue Diamond or Litunga option, what happens with pre-authorization for after hours/emergencies?view answer
If I am referred for treatment in the RSA, but I do not need to be hospitalised or treated in a recognised medical institution, do I need to pay for my accommodation? view answer
If I have a business with less than 10 employees do I qualify for Employer Group membership rates?view answer
If I have to transfer my medical aid due to a change of employer, how does this affect me?view answer
If I pass away, and I am the principal member, do my surviving dependants retain their membership with the fund?view answer
If I resign from the Fund, can I cash in my Roll-Over benefits?view answer
If I want to cancel my membership, what is the procedure?view answer
If the principal member passes away, what happens to the roll-over benefit?view answer
Is payment for hospital treatment guaranteed if pre-authorisation is approved?view answer
Management of risk / Managed care view answer
The nearest specialist who can treat me is in Windhoek, and I live more than 150km away – does NHP cover the costs of travelling for this purpose? view answer
What are monthly contributions and how are they calculated?view answer
What are pre-existing conditions and can they affect my access to benefits?view answer
What are the medical certificate requirements for employer groups?view answer
What are the medical declaration/certificate requirements for individual members?view answer
What can I use my Roll-Over benefits for?view answer
What happens if I miss a monthly contribution payment?view answer
What is a “Student member”?view answer
What is a “Waiting period” and how does it affect me?view answer
What is a special/adult dependant?view answer
What is an “Employer group”?view answer
What is an “Individual member”?view answer
What is major medical expenses (MME’s)?view answer
What is meant by a financial year/benefit year?view answer
What is meant by medical aid tariff?view answer
What is my liability as a member? view answer
What is my Overall Annual Limit (OAL)?view answer
What is the 1Number4Life policy?view answer
What is the relationship between Medscheme Namibia and NHP?view answer
What is the Roll-Over Benefit?view answer
What role does NAMAF and NAMFISA play in the medical aid industry?view answer
When do Pro-rated annual benefits apply?view answer
Which Benefit Options will suit my needs?view answer
Who is the Principal member?view answer
Why are NHP’s benefits “Family focused”?view answer
Why do I need to submit a medical certificate with my Application for membership?view answer
Why does NHP advise on Case management? view answer

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