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An employer group can obtain membership, provided that at least 10 of its employees, who qualify for membership, join the Fund. If there are less than 10 employees in the company, the employer can register at any of the Umbrella group partners, after which they qualify for reduced monthly contributions. If the employer is not a member of one of the Umbrella groups, or does not have more than 10 employees can still apply for membership; however they will not qualify for reduced contributions.


To apply for employer group membership, click on the link below to download the Employer Group application form. Once this form has been completed and returned to NHP, each individual member will receive a complete individual membership application form (from NHP), which has to be completed.


When completing the individual membership application form, all employees are required to provide a Medical certificate even if the employee joins the Fund within the defined 3-month period. A special application to waiver this condition may, however; be made to the Board of Trustees in writing.


The Fund reserves the right to place exclusions on pre-existing conditions should a person not apply for membership within 3-months of becoming eligible for membership with the Fund.


Make use of NHPs Employer Group Contribution Calculator, to calculate each individual members monthly contributions as well as the company’s contribution amount based on the contribution percentage provided.

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