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  1. [10 July 2017]
    Play like a child again
    As adults, we hardly ever play. We regard it as childish, a waste of time or even something to be ashamed of. Grown-ups should be serious, right? Even when we do play, it is competitive; on the gol...
  2. [4 July 2017]
    Music: More than just soul-medicine!
    Mozart… or Metallica? Whatever your preference; music has a special power to move us and stir our emotions. For most of us, music is a big part of our lives – it’s insidious and ...
  3. [3 July 2017]
    A guideline to your babies reaction to sounds
    Newborn Is startled by a sudden loud noise such as a hand clap or a door slamming. Blinks or opens eyes widely to such sounds, stops sucking or starts to cry. Newborn to 1 month Star...
  4. [2 July 2017]
    A guideline to your babies hearing and language development
    Birth to 3 Months Reacts to loud sounds, calms down or smiles when spoken to, recognises your voice and calms down if crying. When feeding, starts or stops sucking. In response to sound, coos a...
  5. [1 July 2017]
    Good hearing makes life easier
    To understand how and why hearing loss happens, it helps to know how the ear works. The ear is made up of 3 different sections: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. These parts work to...
  6. [23 May 2017]
    Q & A - Back pain
    Back pain is no laughing matter. In fact, nearly everyone in their lifetime will suffer with some type of back pain. Because back and neck pain are such common complaints, it’s no surprise th...
  7. [23 May 2017]
    What do the bacteria living in your gut have to do with your immune system?
    Your intestines are home to many different kinds of bacteria (and some non-bacterial organisms as well). Together they’re called the “gut microbiome.” They come from the food you ...
  8. [1 April 2017]
    Metabolism and weight loss
    How your body burns fuel is a complex process that involves careful planning of what and when you eat and how you exercise. Learn how to put your metabolism in perspective and focus on your weight ...
  9. [1 April 2017]
    How to make healthy eating sustainable
    Here's a great rule to live by: If you can’t see yourself on this diet in 1, 2 or 3 years, then it’s not right for you. Far too often, people go on extreme diets they ...
  10. [25 September 2014]
    What is menopause?
    The term “menopause” means cessation of menstruation during the time of the climacteric. The climacteric is the transition period in a woman's life when the ovaries stop producing e...

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